Environmental Information


1. Pollution discharge permit


2. Basic information on major pollutants

Major pollutant information
Pollutant category Types of pollutants Emission mode Emission limits Emission concentration
Boiler exhaust gas Ringelmann Blackness Direct emissions Level 1 <Level 1
Particulates 20mg/Nm³ 7.6mg/Nm³
Nitrogen oxides 50mg/Nm³ 35mg/Nm³
Sulfur dioxide 50mg/Nm³ 3mg/Nm³
Chemical waste gas Hydrogen chloride Discharge after treatment 20mg/Nm³ 6.7mg/Nm³
Production wastewater Total nitrogen Dealing with intermittent emissions 20mg/L 1.04mg/L
Cod 50mg/L 25mg/L
Sulfide 0.5mg/L 0.01mg/L
Petro 3mg/L 0.06mg/L
Ammonia nitrogen 10mg/L 0.86mg/L
Suspended solids 50mg/L 37mg/L
Total Strontium 8mg/L 6.25mg/L
PH 6—9 7.2
Total phosphorus 0.5mg/L 0.23mg/L
Fluoride 6mg/L 0.36mg/L


3. General industrial solid waste

General industrial solid waste
Name Production volume Disposal method
Mineral sand 500 tons/year Third parties as raw materials
Slime 600 tons/year Third parties as raw materials


4. Investment in environmental protection facilities

Investment in environmental protection facilities
Name Invest time Invest funds
Alkali absorption tower 2019.6 700,000 yuan
Boiler coal to gas conversion 2021.11 600,000 yuan


5. Environmental monitoring
The company will regularly carry out monitoring of waste water, waste gas, etc.

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